Merry Kissmas (2015) Movie Review

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Karissa Lee Staples in Merry Kissmas (2015)

A Lift at Christmas

Kayla (Karissa Lee Staples - A Friend's Obsession) is the envy of some as she is the girlfriend of Carlton (David O'Donnell - A Christmas in Vermont), a famous choreographer, except she is less than happy as not only is he controlling and demanding but he doesn't pay her enough attention. Whilst fleeing from one of his fans Kayla darts into an elevator where she ends up sharing a passionate kiss with a stranger named Dustin (Brant Daugherty - Accidentally Engaged). It is a kiss which neither of them can forget especially when circumstances causes them to meet again when Dustin ends up the caterer for an event Carlton is organising. But it also leads to Carlton starting to pay Kayla attention which confuses her.

How old are you? It can be one of those critical questions when it comes to whether a not a movie will work for you because as we age are tastes change and in some cases what once might have amused you can now end up being annoying. To me the question of age comes heavily in to play when you watch "Merry Kissmas" as once upon a time this movie would have kept me entertained but now it kept on annoying me.

Brant Daugherty in Merry Kissmas (2015)

So why did "Merry Kissmas" annoy me? Well it came down to three things starting with one of my annual bug bears as this is a Christmas movie which isn't about Christmas. This movie is a case that the producers have set it at Christmas to appeal to those who look forwards to a slice of festive cheer. Then there are the characters and every single person in this movie lacks subtlety, none more so than the pretentious Carlton which is of course done to make us dislike him but in this case it is far too much. And then there is the third thing and "Merry Kissmas" is a movie where everyone is far too good looking, even those in unimportant supporting roles are too good looking to be believable. Of course this gives the movie that element of escapism but it ends up what the movie is about, the appeal of the actors rather than their characters.

There is of course one other thing, which is the storyline which sees Kayla torn between two men. Well it is such a basic storyline that it is little wonder that the movie becomes all about the actors appeal rather than the characters and what happened.

What this all boils down to is that "Merry Kissmas" probably will entertain those who find themselves enjoying a movie because of the actors appeal but for those want more, including some Christmas, could find it all a bit too blah.

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