Merry Christmas, Baby (2016) Malinda Williams, Victoria Rowell, Karon Riley, Gregory Alan Williams Movie Review

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Merry Christmas, Baby (2016)

Another Chandler Christmas

It's Christmas time and Marci (Malinda Williams) is not only busy with her event planning business but she is also planning baby's first Christmas and she wants to make it special even though her husband Blair would like to do something that his mother use to do (Karon Riley). But things start going wrong when her major client pulls out leaving her in need of finding another major client. But Marci is not the only one who has things on her mind this Christmas as the rest of the Chandler family all have issues to contend with from Marci's mum Stephanie (Victoria Rowell) feeling at a loss to Myra (Deetta West) wanting to adopt whilst her husband Donald (Gregory Alan Williams) wants a quiet retirement.

For those who don't know; before "Merry Christmas, Baby" there was "Marry Me for Christmas" and then there was "Marry Us for Christmas" and that was followed by "A Baby for Christmas" all of which revolve around the Chandler family and their trials and tribulations at Christmas. Here's the thing as having watched the first and third movie I can't say that these movies have really connected with me and as such at times "Merry Christmas, Baby" comes across as noise and humour but often not entertaining enough to really draw me in to the various of dramas.

On the subject of dramas we have a variety of things going on as Marci wants to spoil her baby whilst husband Blair wants to be more cautious and give her the best gift his mum gave him which was her love leading him to miss his mum. We also have the now retired Myra wanting to adopt a child as she is feeling at a loss but her husband Donald is not so sure whilst Marci's mum Stephanie is struggling when it comes to finding a job which challenges her. Of course a lot of these stories have a wholesome message lurking behind them but it is a case that it ends up contrived and along with the comedy makes this feel very much like an extended episode of a sitcom which kind of out stays its welcome.

What this all boils down to is that if you enjoyed the previous Chandler Christmas movies then the chances are you will enjoy "Merry Christmas, Baby" as well. But whilst an improvement on the last movie I still struggled to connect with this movie and the characters like I would love to have.

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