MegaFault (2009) starring Brittany Murphy, Eriq La Salle, Bruce Davison, Justin Hartley Movie Review

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Eriq La Salle in MegaFault (2009)

Mind & Mine Blowingly Bad

As a mining explosives expert Charley 'Boomer' Baxter (Eriq La Salle) was just doing his job, setting up a series of detonations to speed things up for the mining company he works for. The last thing that Boomer could have expected is his expertly placed detonations coinciding with a mega earthquake causing the whole of the North Atlantic to rock as a seismic fault opens up the length of North America. With not only North America at risk but the whole world, Boomer and seismology expert Dr Amy Lane (Brittany Murphy) must find away to prevent the fault from growing before it tears the planet in two.

I fell asleep whilst watching "MegaFault" and when I woke up I looked at the time and I had missed 20 minutes of the movie. Now I knew I hadn't missed much in those 20 minutes but I skipped the DVD back to just before when I nodded off and watched what I had missed and do you know what, I was right I hadn't missed much. But that should not be a surprise to anyone as "MegaFault" is a by the book SYFY channel disaster movie which sees a couple of familiar actors doing battle with a disaster scenario and have to save the day.

As such we have Brittany Murphy and Eriq La Salle as are recognizable actors and heroes trying to save the day with a bonus in Bruce Davison showing up in a supporting role. The disaster itself is a ridiculous seismic crack working its way across America and to add to the drama we have Lane's husband and daughter lost in the middle of nowhere when a plane taking them to safety comes down, cue ridiculous emotional scene accompanied by piano music when initially the father thinks his daughter is dead. I could go on but "MegaFault" sapped the energy right out of me and the simplest thing to say is from concept to final product, which includes a scene of Boomer flying a stolen helicopter and dodging missiles, is painfully ridiculous.

What this all boils down to is that "MegaFault" is simply MegaBad and that is coming from someone who usually enjoys these cheesy made for TV disaster movies. All it seems is a procession of ridiculous disaster scenes which fail to excite and generate the drama intended whilst Eriq La Salle spends the entire movie with one look on his face, that of what happened to my career?