Mean Girls 2 (2011) Meaghan Martin, Donn Lamkin, Linden Ashby, Dan Coleman, Claire Holt, Patrick Johnson, Colin Dennard, Maiara Walsh, Nicole Gale Anderson, Bethany Anne Lind, Jennifer Stone, Tim Meadows Movie Review

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Meaghan Martin in Mean Girls 2 (2011)

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Jo Mitchell (Meaghan Martin - The Good Mother) has had one rule for surviving schools and that is never become friends with a girl. Having transferred to North Shore High School she not only has to deal with the news that her father won't be able to send her to the college she wants but also the Plastics, a group of girls who make life difficult for every one else. One of those who suffer at the hands of the Plastics is Abby (Jennifer Stone) whose father, the king of selling on TV, manages to bribe Jo in to befriending his daughter with Jo planning to use the money to get to college. Trouble is the Plastics, lead by Mandi (Maiara Walsh - Hopeless, Romantic), will not let Abby have a friend and set out to destroy Jo.

Here is the simple way to review "Mean Girls 2"; it wants to be "Mean Girls" with new characters but only ever ends up feeling like a cheap knock off. But here is the thing about cheap knock offs; when you have not had experience of the real thing what you have might still bring you pleasure. As such for those who haven't watched "Mean Girls" and find them selves watching "Mean Girls 2" it might still entertain with the Plastics trying to take Jo down because she is being a friend to Abby. And yes of course the whole truth of the paid friendship is going to come out at some point because this is how these movies go. In truth some of it is entertaining although at the same time not a patch on the original.

What works in "Mean Girls 2" is that the actual acting is pretty decent which Maiara Walsh delivering that Queen B role perfectly whilst Meaghan Martin does plucky nice guy just as nicely. The thing is though is that of course all the characters are your high school cliches and as such it is all about the humour of the performance to make it work.

What this all boils down to is that "Mean Girls 2" isn't completely terrible and I am sure there is an audience who will enjoy the fun of the characters and the story in this. But it never gets close to the entertainment of "Mean Girls" and as such fans of the original might find this sequel just a weak imitation.