McBride: Dogged (2007) starring John Larroquette, Marta DuBois, Matt Lutz, Samantha Smith, Jon Lindstrom, Joanna Going, Charles Robinson directed by John Larroquette Movie Review

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John Larroquette as Mike McBride in McBride: Dogged (2007)

McBride's in the Dog House

Another "McBride" movie another formula driven piece of entertainment but wait what's this, it's started and we are not in the courtroom we are at a kennel club could "McBride: Dogged" being breaking the formula. Whilst "McBride: Dogged" starts off in a briefly different manner, a courtroom scene soon follows after the kennel club and from then on in we are back to the formula, well formula with an added bit of humour as a judge tires of McBride's courtroom antics and holds him in contempt. What this really means is that "McBride: Dogged" is on par and as entertaining as all the previous "McBride" movies and like its predecessors can be watched without needing to know anything about what has gone on before.

At an awards dinner at the kennel club Laurie Carter (Samantha Smith) is found kneeling over the dead body of her former lover Frank Sinclair (Richard Lineback) with a gun in her hand. Arrested she finds herself with an unusual neighbour in the cells as Mike McBride (John Larroquette) has been held in contempt of court by Judge Jeffries (Charles Robinson) who has had enough of his courtroom antics. When Laurie's lawyer is taken ill Mike agrees to step in and with aid of Phil (Matt Lutz) and with some assistance from Det. Hansen (Marta DuBois) set about solving the mystery of who really killed Frank Sinclair.

Marta DuBois as Det. Roberta Hansen in McBride: Dogged (2007)

So as already mentioned "McBride: Dogged" starts off in a slightly different way to the normal which is usually McBride pulling off a bit of courtroom magic to prove his client innocent. That comes shortly after and as already mentioned leads in to what is the "McBride" movie formula but we do also get the amusing scene of McBride being thrown into a courtroom holding cell for contempt. Aside from that well to be honest whilst "McBride: Dogged" delivers what you expect from this series of movies it does basically run to that formula with Mike, Phil and Roberta uncovering the truth and of course the courtroom finale where McBride saves the day, which thanks to having Judge Jeffries presiding over the courtroom has a bit of extra fun to it.

And to be honest that is all she wrote because "McBride: Dogged" is on a par with all those other "McBride" movies and so John Larroquette, Marta DuBois and Matt Lutz all work well together in a comfortable manner. Plus the various actors such as Joanna Going and Samantha Smith all do a nice job of playing their slimly written characters. Although it has to be said that Charles Robinson as Judge Jefferies is brilliant and steals a few scenes from John Larroquette in the courtroom.

What this all boils down to is that "McBride: Dogged" is an entertaining bit of afternoon fluff which is on par and pretty much uses the same formula as the previous "McBride" movies. If you like movies which are easy watching and inoffensive then "McBride: Dogged" like its predecessors is ideal.

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