Marshal of Cedar Rock (1953) Allan Lane, Black Jack, Eddy Waller, Phyllis Coates Movie Review

Marshal of Cedar Rock (1953)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Allan Lane in Marshal of Cedar Rock (1953)

More Rocky Railroad Agent Issue

Marshal Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) has a cunning plan, he allows Bill Anderson (William Henry) to escape from prison in the hope he will lead him to the gang of outlaws he ran with. What Lane discovers is that Anderson was in fact innocent and was framed by banker Henry Mason (Roy Barcroft). But Mason is up to no good as the railroad company are planning on putting the line through nearby land and are sending an agent to negotiate with the land owners. Knowing they plan to pay top dollar Mason has his men kidnap the real agent and replace him with one of his own so he can buy the land cheap. Trouble it that not only does Anderson known to much ad so is a marked man so is Rocky

I reckon if the Wild West was like it was in the movies that whenever a town heard that the railroad was looking to come their way they would have provided an escort for the railroad agent as they always seem to get kidnapped by the bad guys. In fact who would have wanted to be a railroad agent when it seemed to be one of the most dangerous professions going.

That basically leads me to say that "Marshal of Cedar Rock" is another typical Allan Lane western where an unscrupulous businessman kidnaps the railroad agent and makes him disappear permanently so he can trick the ranchers out of their land and then sell it to the railroad company for a profit. It is okay stuff but only okay with even the build up of a bank robber being allowed to escape from prison turning out to be an innocent man adds little even when it comes to the bigger picture.

What this all boils down to is that "Marshal of Cedar Rock" ends up just a routine Allan Lane western, mildly entertaining but ultimately it is forgettably ordinary.