Marry Me for Christmas (2013) starring Malinda Williams, Brad James, Victoria Rowell, Tamara LaSeon Bass, Jason Weaver directed by Roger Melvin Movie Review

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Marry Me for Christmas (2013)

Faking it at Christmas

Marcie Jewel (Malinda Williams) has a good career as an executive in an advertising agency and she is also happy with her life. The trouble is that her mum Stephanie (Victoria Rowell) wants her to settle down and make her a grandmother and she can't help but keep on trying to sort her life out. To make matters worse it is not only Christmas and the entire family is getting together but her cousin Dana (Tamara LaSeon Bass) is heading off abroad for five years and wants to see Marcie before she goes. In need to fend off the usual why don't you settle down barrage of questions she take her assistant Adam (Brad James), who she gets on really well with, home and who ends up pretending to be her fake fiance when her mum thinks he is the new man in her life. But Marcie finds herself having to confront her true feelings when her former boyfriend Blair (Karon Joseph) shows up.

When you think Christmas movies you probably think of those featuring someone taking over as Santa or maybe a certain old miser getting a ghostly visitor as these are just a couple of cliches which you find in Christmas movies. But there are another couple which as a fan of Christmas movies I have come to expect; they are the family get together tied in with the daughter getting someone to masquerade as their boyfriend for Christmas. And so the minute I read a plot outline for "Marry Me for Christmas" I knew exactly what to expect as this is another fake fiance for Christmas movie... or is it.

Okay so for the most "Marry Me for Christmas" is routine from the comedy of Marcie and Adam trying to keep up the pretence of being a couple to Adam enjoying the whole being part of a big family having never had that. There is also the typical going to get the Christmas tree scene and the equally typical plot development of a former boyfriend showing up on the scene. But there are differences between "Marry Me for Christmas" and other takes on the fake fiance story such as here we have an African American family and then there is, well I am not going to tell you as that would spoil the one real surprise.

What this all boils down to is that "Marry Me for Christmas" is for the most a typical Christmas movie which works the whole fake fiance storyline in a typical manner. For some it will be cheesy and others an entertaining distraction but unfortunately it has nothing to make it stand out from the crowd.

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