Married by Christmas (2016) April Bowlby, Jes Macallan, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Adam Senn Movie Review

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Jes Macallan in Married by Christmas (2016)

Macallan's Merry Matrimony

Carrie Tate (Jes Macallan) has dedicated herself to running of the family's high end food distribution company, Emerson Foods and as such has no time for a social life let alone love. Her sister Katie (April Bowlby), a gourmet restaurateur is the complete opposite and come Christmas Eve she is getting married to her boyfriend. But out of the blue Carrie discovers a stipulation in their grandmother's will which states which ever of the sister's marries first will get ownership of the family business. For Carrie there is no way she is relinquishing the business she is devoted to and sets about finding a man she can quickly marry in order to keep the company. After various mishaps she meets Dylan (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) who she falls for except he happens to be the lawyer representing a business which Emerson Foods lead by Carrie wants to buy and happens to be a friend of Katie's boyfriend.

Do you know what I like about "Married by Christmas", in a contradictory manner, whilst you know what is going to happen you don't know what is going to happen. Okay so to make that simple you have a big chunk of chalk n cheese going on as Carrie and Dylan are supposedly enemies in more sense than one but end up falling for each other. It is the obvious side of things and it plays out in a pretty typical manner with the mix of humour and tentative niceness.

Coby Ryan McLaughlin in Married by Christmas (2016)

But then there is the other side and whilst of course you expect some happy ever after to come along you ask yourself will that mean marriage, maybe not marriage elsewhere or maybe some sort of legal way out. And that is a major reason why "Married by Christmas" is watchable and the other is because the set decorators have gone above and beyond to give us not only a beautiful cabin in the woods but also one decorated in such a Christmassy way that it delivers that sort of seasonal escapism which some people, myself included, like.

In a way about the only thing which lets "Married by Christmas" down is the lack of chemistry when it comes to Jes Macallan and Coby Ryan McLaughlin. It is a shame as they play their parts well, they have the right looks for this sort of movie and deliver on the movies nice moments but they don't deliver the romantic spark.

What this all boils down to is that "Married by Christmas" delivers plenty of what you expect from this sort of romantic, comedy Christmas movie right down to the chalk n cheese relationship. Yes there are some amusing surprises in it as well as a slight question of how part of it will play out but for the most this is some pretty Christmas escapism.

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