Mantervention (2014) Nick Roux, Travis Van Winkle, Josie Davis, Chloe Bridges Movie Review

Mantervention (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Mantervention (2014) Nick Roux

Get Over This and on to the Next

His friend always new that Spencer (Nick Roux) was different, as a child he preferred to watch romantic dramas than action movies whilst preferring to read chick lit than play with his friends outside. Yes Spencer was a true romantic and so when the love of his life dumped him it him hard and hiding out in his bedroom pleasuring himself over old photos. It is why his mum got in touch with his old friend Coke (Travis Van Winkle) to get Spencer out of his room and over his ex.

Here is the problem with teen sex comedies these days, all the jokes have been done before and unless they try to go extremely gross out they end up coming across as tame. That is in truth the problem has with "Mantervention", a teen sex comedy which starts with a mum walking on her son pleasuring himself, unaware of it immediately. That opening scene tells you almost everything you will need to know about the movie as in how funny it gets.

Now in fairness for one brief moment "Mantervention" lifted my hopes in a scene where we meet Coke who is such a player he ends up doing a TSA Supervisor played by Josie Davis. But whilst there are other actors who you may be familiar with in "Mantervention" it never gets better than this and it is just one long movie of watching Coke try to lead the sensitive Spencer on a sexual revolution. And that just means we have a lot of attractive young actresses parading around in sexy lingerie.

What this all boils down to is that "Mantervention" is a run of the mill teen sex comedy which never pushes the boundaries and so only achieves delivering the same jokes you will have seen before, well with the exception of Mario Van Peebles showing up in drag during one scene.