Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017) Jessica Lowndes, Brendan Penny, Tim Matheson, Farah Merani, Stephen Huszar, Judah Katz Movie Review

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Jessica Lowndes in Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017)

Ornaments, Miracles and Magic

It was a bad break-up which caused Marie (Jessica Lowndes - Merry Matrimony) to fall out of love with Christmas but her mum makes it her mission to help Marie fall back in love with Christmas by sending her a series of Christmas ornaments from her childhood, all of which seems to bring a small dose of magic with them. It isn't just the decorations which help Marie start to fall back in love with Christmas but also Nate (Brendan Penn - 'Tis the Season for Love) who has just moved in to the same apartment block and loves Christmas. But life takes an unfortunate twist when her boss asks her to edit the book which just happens to have been written by the guy who broke her heart. It leads to Marie pushing Nate away, fearing heart break again.

I have to say that having watched a lot of made for TV Christmas movies "Magical Christmas Ornaments" threw me a bit of a curve ball as it was different to many of the Christmas movies you get from Hallmark. Yet on paper "Magical Christmas Ornaments" doesn't sound that different as we have a young woman who have suffered a broken heart guards herself from being hurt again by shunning relationships and Christmas as it was when her heart was broken. As such we watch her fall in love and rediscover her Christmas spirit only for the reappearance of her ex unsettling her. Yet the tone of "Magical Christmas Ornaments" is different to what I have come to expect from Hallmark Christmas movies and it is the tone more than anything which kind of throws you off, well at least to start with.

None the less "Magical Christmas Ornaments" still delivers plenty of what you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie especially one which features a lot of little miracles and magic as we watch Marie find love with a nice guy and rediscover her love for Christmas. I wouldn't say that this has the most elaborate of Hallmark styles, this isn't a Christmas movie drenched in picture perfect decorations, but it is a movie which befitting the different tone grows into what you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie and certainly has that wholesome giving side which makes these movies often a heart warming experience.

What this all boils down to is that "Magical Christmas Ornaments" certainly entertains and has that element of magic and mystery along with touching which is what some Hallmark Christmas movies deliver. But this features a different tone to the norm which throws you a bit of a curve ball to start with.

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