Lying Eyes (1996) Cassidy Rae, Vincent Irizarry, Allison Smith, Jamie Rose Movie Review

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Cassidy Rae in Lying Eyes (1996)

The Cheerleader & the Lawyer

18 year old High School cheerleader Amy Miller (Cassidy Rae) fears her mum is going to go mad when she has a prang in her car but it turns out the guy she has a prang with is Derek Bradshaw (Vincent Irizarry), a 33 year old lawyer who says he will pay to get her car repaired. Car repair leads to a meal out and before long Amy and Derek are dating. But when Amy discovers that Derek is married and has children she decides to call time on their relationship despite him telling her that he is going to get divorced. But even before Amy calls time on her relationship she finds herself the victim of some anonymous threats and harassment.

"Lying Eyes" is one of those movies which keep things simple and trades on two basic ingredients. The first of those is the hotness of Cassidy Rae who be it in her cheerleader outfits or dressed up for dates looks incredibly attractive. Now in fairness to Cassidy Rae she does a nice job of delivering the naivety and gullible nature of a teen who thinks she is in love. But it is clear that right from the opening cheerleader scene which then takes us into the girl's locker room Rae's attractive nature is a big part of the movie.

But the other ingredient is the mystery of who is harassing her combined with the various threats she receives and the danger she finds herself in. So we get things from notes in mailboxes to being locked in the school's steamer with the dial turned right up and of course some danger in her car. As I said part of this is of course who is doing it and with it being obvious that Derek's wife is aware of her husband's adultery you think it could be her. But we also wonder whether Derek himself may be up to no good and even a friend who seems angry that Amy is dating an older guy. I won't say which it is but I will say that whilst there is mystery and danger it is no different to what other similar movies have done.

What this all boils down to is that "Lying Eyes" is not the worst made for TV movie from the 90s but it is one which only covers familiar ground and is often over reliant on how attractive Cassidy Rae is to keep your attention.