Lucky in Love (2014) Jessica Szohr, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Ryan Kennedy, Peter Benson, Tara Wilson, Vincent Tong, Deidre Hall Movie Review

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Jessica Szohr in Lucky in Love (2014)

A Hallmark Lucky Dip

Mira Simon (Jessica Szohr) has always aspired for greatness and even dreamed about being a high powered executive. But her reality is that she works in a booth with her best friend, Jonah (Benjamin Hollingsworth - Can't Buy My Love), who harbours a secret crush on her but has never had the courage to ask her out. But out of the blue all of Mira's wishes start coming true when a chance encounter with CEO Erin Billings (Deidre Hall - My Christmas Dream) leads to her getting a huge promotion. It leads to her working directly with Erin whilst she also starts dating a handsome new man. But is having everything that she thinks she wants really as good as she has dreamt it would be?

I wonder when in 2015 Benjamin Hollingsworth made "A Wish Come True" he had a dreaded feeling that he was going to end up typecast, playing the same role over and over again in some sort of Hallmark Groundhog Day movie. I say this because in "A Wish Come True" he played the best friend with a secret crush on his best friend and a year earlier in this movie, "Luck in Love", another Hallmark movie, he was playing exactly the same role and giving it the full nice guy treatment, something he had done before that in, wait for it, the Hallmark movie "Signed, Sealed, Delivered".

Benjamin Hollingsworth in Lucky in Love (2014)

The daft thing is that "Lucky in Love" isn't really about the character that Hollingsworth plays but is in fact about Mira, played by Jessica Szohr, suddenly living the life she always fantasized about but as is so often the case she discovers having what you want it not all that it is cracked up to be. I won't go in to specifics because when you have such a typical Hallmark storyline, that's code for predictable, it really is the specifics which provide the entertainment rather than wondering where the movie is heading.

Unfortunately one of those specifics is not actress Jessica Szohr as whilst entertaining, attractive and likeable, all requirements to be a Hallmark leading lady, she doesn't make her character stand out from the crowd. In fairness when you are in such a typical Hallmark movie as "Lucky in Love" it must be hard work to try and do something fresh but it does mean that a few months down the line you won't be trying to remember who the actress was in that Hallmark movie which is similar to the one you are watching.

What this all boils down to is that "Lucky in Love" is unsurprisingly a typical Hallmark movie which puts a tick in many a box. Sadly though, "Lucky in Love" is so typical that it has nothing to make it stand out from the crowd.