Love's Complicated (2016) Holly Marie Combs, Ben Bass, Corbin Bernsen, Catherine Disher, Randal Edwards, Amanda Brugel, Tammy Isbell, Paula Rivera, Precious Chong Movie Review

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Holly Marie Combs in Love's Complicated (2016)

Left Conflicted

Author, Leah Townsend (Holly Marie Combs - Point of Entry) is a lovely person but she is also a bit of a door mat, always going along with what others want so she can avoid conflict. It is why she finds herself in a relationship with the dependable but dull Edward (Randal Edwards - A Perfect Christmas) and is unable to tell him that they're relationship is going nowhere. But it means the one time she speaks her mind Edward enrols Leah in a conflict management course where, shock-jock radio host, Cinco Dublin (Ben Bass - Her Evil Twin) is also enrolled, thanks to a court order. Not only is there bad blood between the Townsend and Dublin families but also between Leah and Cinco due to his review of her first novel. But with them being forced to spend time talking Leah finds herself falling for Cinco but still wondering if the more reliable Edward would be better for her.

So here I go again delving in to the realms of the Hallmark channel where you could probably make a living if you were able to bet on a movie's outcome. As such before you even sit down to watch "Love's Complicated" you can guess it won't be about how this is going to end up but whether the journey to that inevitable romantic end is entertaining. And the first step with these Hallmark movies is the cast and both Holly Marie Combs and Ben Bass have plenty of appeal along with some typical comical and cutesy chemistry masquerading as attitude and conflict.

Ben Bass in Love's Complicated (2016)

And it is thanks to Holly Marie Combs and Ben Bass that the comedy in "Love's Complicated" works as it is their delivery which makes many of the lines, be it romantic or comedy, work. In truth the whole set up of the conflict counselling group did little for me and I think it is due to the other characters in these sessions ending up on the annoying side of things, intentionally so but to the point of being grating. It is the same with Randal Edwards as Edward as he is also intentionally grating but too grating for the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Love's Complicated" has some plus points, mainly the combination of Holly Marie Combs and Ben Bass. But elsewhere this Hallmark movie kind of struggles with supporting characters who frankly are a bit annoying and an idea with limited potential.