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Love on Ice (2017)

On Thin Ice

8 years ago Olympic figure skating hopeful Emily James (Julie Berman) walked away from the sport to return home where she now teaches young kids to skate at the local ice rink and waits tables when she isn't on the ice. One of her former students, Nikki (Anna Golja), has really progressed and with Midwest Regionals coming up has a professional coach in Spencer Patterson (Andrew W. Walker), thanks to her pushy mum Mia (Gail O'Grady). When Spencer sees Emily skate they not only do they become close but with his encouragement begins to wonder whether she could still compete, that is if Mia doesn't cause problems and her own doubts don't prevent her.

At the tail end of 2016 I think I watched 3 or 4 movies which revolved around ice skating and whilst they all had some similarities, coach, former skater, romance and so on they all managed to come up with slightly different storylines. The thing is that when it comes to "Love on Ice" is that whilst it comes up with a storyline a little different to the other recent ice skating movies it is also a Hallmark movie and so is inevitably predictable as it works to one of their familiar formulas.

As such what you get in "Love on Ice" is one some romance as Emily and Spencer become close, two a touch of mystery when it comes to why she walked away from skating 8 years earlier, three some self doubt when it comes to Emily competing again and four, just for good measure Mia, the scheming mother who has issues with Emily. All of which are typical of a Hallmark movie as Emily brings out the relaxed side to Spencer thanks to her easy going attitude and love of the people in her community. I really don't feel there is much need to go on when it comes to the storyline and to be honest whilst Julie Berman and Andrew W. Walker have some easy going appeal they don't have the sort of chemistry which makes the romantic side of the movie sparkle.

What this all boils down to is that "Love on Ice" is pretty much a regular Hallmark movie, a pleasant distraction for those who just want something easy and innocent to watch. But unlike some Hallmark movies this one isn't the most memorable and as such one when you have watched "Love on Ice" once you probably won't feel a burning need to watch it again.