Love on a Limb (2016) Ashley Williams, Trevor Donovan, Marilu Henner, Jefferson Brown, Grace Gordon Movie Review

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Ashley Williams and Trevor Donovan in Love on a Limb (2016)

A Hallmark Tree

Aimie Roarke (Ashley Williams - Christmas In Evergreen) loves the town she lives in which is a good job to as she is the town's community organizer; staging events, getting signatures on petitions and protecting the fabric of the town. It is why she finds herself continually in the office of Mayor Parker (Jefferson Brown - The Christmas Parade) who knows that whenever he makes a decision to change the town Aimee will show up. And so he knows Aimie will cause a stink and when he makes the decision to have the big old tree in the town cut down she will stage a protest. It is a protest which brings her to the attention of Kyle Sorensen (Trevor Donovan - Marry Me at Christmas) whose company the Mayor has hired to fell the old tree, especially when she chains herself to it causing a waiting game between the two of them. A waiting game which leads to Aimie and Kyle realising that they have more in common than they could have imagined.

As Hallmark movies go "Love on a Limb" is in the category where it works more because of the cast than the storyline. Now the storyline is in itself not that bad with this fun comedy surrounding an old tree in the middle of town which is the catalyst for some romance and of course comedy as Aimee has the support of the locals to help her protect the big old tree. Of course you know where the story is going to go when it comes to the characters and it nicely fills things out with a subplot surrounding Aimie's mum and the local sheriff who is keen on the widow.

But as I said it is the cast who make "Love on a Limb" with Ashley Williams delivering everything we know she has in her locker which means attractive, bubbly, enthusiastic but also soulful. It is the same with Trevor Donovan as he delivers the tall and handsome but he does so with this mix of being gruff yet also sensitive. And that is key because it makes the characters of Aimie and Kyle chalk n cheese but with some shared characteristics which make the bickering between them more fun than anything. Plus of course there are fun characters around them with Marilu Henner a natural when it comes to playing mums in Hallmark movies.

What this all boils down to is that "Love on a Limb" is unsurprisingly a typical Hallmark movie which is sure to please fans of their movies. But for me it is one which relies on the cast and in particular Ashley Williams and Trevor Donovan to make it work and they do bringing all their likeability to their characters.