Love Finds You in Charm (2012) (aka: Amish Abduction) Trevor Donovan, Danielle Chuchran, Drew Fuller, Tiffany Dupont Movie Review

Love Finds You in Charm (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Danielle Chuchran in Love Finds You in Charm (2012) (aka: Amish Abduction)

A Lot of Charm

Having been raised in an Amish community Emma Miller (Danielle Chuchran) does her best to keep true to her Amish upbringing but has always harboured a desire to experience what life away from the Amish community would be like. It is why she jumps at the chance when her understanding father suggests she goes to Charm, the Amish community where her widowed cousin needs help as the tourist season is upon them. It is at Charm that Emma gets to indulge her love of reading, making friends with Kelly (Tiffany Dupont) a librarian whilst also finding herself attracted to Noah, a young Amish man who is also at the farm helping out. But Emma finds herself increasingly torn between her Amish upbringing and the outside world especially when her rather unique cheese which she makes garners interest from a handsome wine and cheese blogger.

In "Love Finds You in Charm" which in the UK was broadcast as "Amish Abduction" Emma is a fan of "Pride & Prejudice" and she finds herself torn between men and ways of living. Now I am not up on the classics but it wouldn't shock me it the storyline in "Love Finds You in Charm" in part mirrors that of "Pride & Prejudice" or some similar novel as it has that inspired by a classic feel about it. But it doesn't make it a classic; in fact "Love Finds You in Charm" is just a pleasant, nice looking movie with an extremely appealing cast.

Trevor Donovan in Love Finds You in Charm (2012) (aka: Amish Abduction)

As such "Love Finds You in Charm" is simple to follow and in fact its title sums it up nicely as Emma heads to Charm and finds love there. But she finds more than love as she finds herself torn between the Amish ways and the non Amish ways as well as two handsome men, one Amish and of course one who isn't. That is it and so it doesn't take a great deal of effort to follow or in truth to predict where it is going and where it could go.

What is very clear right from the start is that "Love Finds You in Charm" is heavily about the movie's look. From porches adorned with the most perfect looking hanging baskets to the beautiful cinematography of a horse drawn carriage going by sweeping fields it is gorgeous looking. And of course adding to that is the beautiful Danielle Chuchran and the handsome Trevor Donovan who are well captured through the beautiful cinematography.

What this all boils down to is that "Love Finds You in Charm" is an entertaining piece of romantic drama with a heavy focus on the look over story depth. But it works and it makes it not only easy on the eye but easy to watch especially when you are not in the mood for anything complex.