Love Blossoms (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Love Blossoms (2017)

Love in the Lab

After her father passed away Violet (Shantel VanSanten), a chemist, finds herself with a big problem as all she has is one vial of perfume which her father created for a fragrance distributor who already has pre-orders for Valentine's Day, but she can't find his formula. With a rival perfume house on the verge of recreating the scent Violet's hope may lie with Declan "Dec" Granger (Victor Webster), a handsome botanist who she quite literally bumped into who has the ability to smell even the subtlest of scents. But as Violet spends more and more time in Belgium where her father was based she finds herself torn between life there with Dec and her life back in Boston as well as her sort of boyfriend.

For some reason, and it is probably because I enjoy their inoffensive nature, I like the sort of movies which get shown on the Hallmark Channel. But at times I wonder whether they have someone on their payroll whose job is to solely look through a directory of jobs and work out whether they can work one of their familiar storylines around it. It is the only way I can explain "Love Blossoms" because working as a perfumer is a slightly unusual profession and to be honest a TV movie set in Belgium is also a bit unusual.

Now what that means is that "Love Blossoms" ends up this blend of the familiar, the cliche and the slightly unusual. So we have the Boston resident spending time away from where she lives and also ends up falling for the handsome guy she actually bumps into. We also have some typical skulduggery and a bit of jealousy thrown into the mix. But then we get these glimpses at the perfume industry from spicy food being forbidden to smelling socks to reset a nose when everything is starting to smell the same. What it means is that whilst "Love Blossoms" doesn't leave a lasting impression it is entertaining in the moment with Shantel VanSanten doing a nice job of playing the daughter who has the moments of sorrow as she is missing her much loved father.

What this all boils down to is that "Love Blossoms" delivers much of what everyone knows and expects from a Hallmark Channel movie but at the same time it brings some different touches to the movie which make it less of a copycat movie and one which actually gets your attention more than you might be anticipating.