Love at the Shore (2017) Amanda Righetti, Peter Porte, Reagan Shumate, Luke Loveless, Steven J. Young Movie Review

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Love at the Shore (2017)

A Porte in a Hallmark Com

Summer is here and, single mom, Jenna Thompson (Amanda Righetti - Shadow of Fear) takes her kids to the beach like she does every year, although as a writer she has a book deadline looming and wants to spend the time writing whilst the kids go to summer camp. Trouble is that the place she has rented has a neighbour, Lucas McKinnon (Peter Porte - A Gift to Remember), a surfer with a very relaxed approach to life, which includes partying at night, volley-ball in the day and a seeming complete lack of responsibility. It leads to issues between Jenna and Lucas as they are like chalk n cheese, but despite his initial resistance Lucas finds himself bonding with her children with her daughter walking his dog whilst he secretly coaches her son to swim. But whilst it leads to Jenna seeing Lucas in a whole new light whilst Lucas begins to understand Jenna a little more whilst her fear of being let down by another man is a constant barrier to things between them going anywhere.

I have been asked many a time why I watch Hallmark movies when they are all so similar and the simple answer is that not only do I like their predictability but I like their feel good nature. Yes some times a Hallmark movie can get too sweet and be completely predictable but some times they get the blend of sweet innocent fun and familiarity spot on. This is the case with "Love at the Shore" because you don't need me to tell you that you know where this romantic comedy is going to end up before it begins but the characters are pleasant, the comedy and romance is innocent and the locations are attractive.

What "Love at the Shore" also has is Peter Porte who visually is undeniably attractive; well his first scene sees him with his shirt off. But what Porte gives the movie and the character of Lucas is tons of laid back confidence which makes him both charming and fun, plus he has the pick of some surprisingly inspirational dialogue. Of course he is the opposite of the more up tight Jenna but Amanda Righetti gives her that other layer which you know behind the wall of protection she has put up against being romantically hurt is a fun loving mum.

What this all boils down to is that "Love at the Shore" is a typical Hallmark movie with a predictable storyline and inoffensive humour and romance. The thing is that whilst for some that might sound a nightmare for fans of Hallmark movies this delivers all that they like.