Lost Honeymoon (1947) starring Franchot Tone, Ann Richards, Tom Conway, Frances Rafferty, Clarence Kolb, Una O'Connor directed by Leigh Jason Movie Review

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Lost Honeymoon (1947) starring Franchot Tone, Ann Richards

A Bit Lost

After her best friend Tillie suddenly dies Amy (Ann Richards) decides to take Tillie's twin children to America to try and track down their father who was a GI in London during the war. The man she is looking for is Johnny Gray (Franchot Tone) except he doesn't remember anything about getting married during his time in London and to make matters more complicated he is engaged to be married.

"Lost Honeymoon" is not a bad idea for a movie with the amusingly far fetched idea of a GI having married and fathered children but can't remember a thing because of amnesia. The trouble is that the way it goes about things doesn't quite work, from the slightly morbid opening where we learn of Tillie's death to the focus being on gags between Johnny and his friend Bob. Considering that this is a romantic comedy where Johnny and Amy fall for each other the constant focus on other people ends up distracting from the main story. Maybe the gags such as Dr. Bob trying to help Johnny remember were funnier back in the late 1940s but now they appear weak.

Because of the gags ending up being weak the performances are also quite forgettable with Ann Richards coming over as terribly English whilst Franchot Tone delivers typical wise cracks. You get a real sense that "Lost Honeymoon" was a movie made on a shoestring budget from start to finish with money spent on known faces rather than on a script.

In the end there are only two reasons I can give to watch this because whilst it's not terrible it is forgettable. Those are that it only runs for 71 minutes so it is not a long movie and because the copyright was never reviewed you can watch "Lost Honeymoon" for free and legally online.

What this all boils down to is that "Lost Honeymoon" isn't terrible but it is forgettable and nothing more than a free time filler.