Look @ Me (2006) Elina Madison, Jeff Doba, Bryan Kent, Tamika Lamison Movie Review

Look @ Me (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Elina Madison in Look @ Me (2006)

Look Elsewhere

Tina (Elina Madison) is an exhibitionist who during the day uses her sexuality to get what she wants at work and at night she uses her body to make money as a stripper on an adult website. The trouble is that Tina has a huge fan, his name is Robert (Jeff Doba) and she finds herself being kidnapped by this psycho who keeps her locked in a room in his home. With her friends and police trying to find her Tina is going to have to use all her sexuality to try and find a way to escape from the creep.

If you can look beyond the fact that "Look @ Me" is clearly a movie made on limited funds the end result is, well sadly not great. It is sad really because whilst nothing new I like the basic concept of an exhibitionist finding herself a target of her biggest fan and having to rely on her body and ability to seduce to try and escape. But the end result feels more like a movie idea than an actual movie and it means from quite early on it struggles with capturing and keeping your attention.

Let me put this another way "Look @ Me" often feels like it is taking a trip back to the 70s as we have an exploitation aspect with Tina end up modelling, getting naked and so on. Now I remember when I was a teenager, a time when the internet was in every home, and I know this would have been the sort of movie I would have probably watched and talked about with the guys at school. But of course we have the internet now and on an exploitation level the movie seems pointless although I am sure there will be some who find it entertaining for what some might say are the wrong reasons.

What this all boils down to is that "Look @ Me" has some okay ideas but the final product comes up short of the mark and ends up a little bit hard going to keep interested in it till the end.