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Morena Baccarin in Look Again (2011)

Same Old Look

Life is just coming good for Allison (Morena Baccarin) she is in a good relationship and along with her friend Nancy (Sadie LeBlanc) has just sat her realtor exams. But then after going for drinks with Nancy things go wrong as whilst meeting her boyfriend they are attacked and he is murdered. Unable to identify their attacker due to the darkness Allison is left traumatized by what happened and becomes suspicious of everyone as she starts to think people she meets are the killer, from her boss' nephew to Nancy's boyfriend. After some time Allison starts to move on with her life and starts dating again when she meets artist Rick Palmer (Chris William Martin). But her nightmare is still not over as rival realtors become involved.

Why is it that in all these made for TV thrillers the lead cast have to be so good looking? Don't get me wrong as I have nothing against attractive people and Morena Baccarin is beautiful but because we always have an attractive cast these movies tend towards feeling like photo shoots. For example in "Look Again" in the scenes following the initial incident and we have Allison becoming a recluse in her home, jumpy at the slightest noise, it all looks too staged with Monica's looks dominating the scene rather than her misery. But that is the way these modern made for TV thrillers go as is the frequent use of Montréal for filming but making out the movie is set in an American city.

Sadie LeBlanc in Look Again (2011)

Aside from that gripe which is more about modern TV movies in general than "Look Again" in particular what we get from this TV thriller is general and generic. After the initial crime we go through some predictable stages as Allison is traumatized by the murder and becomes suspicious of pretty much any bloke who approaches her. After a while we see her moving on with her life and finding love again but of course things don't just get better and her nightmare starts again until she fights back and brings an end to it herself. It is extremely typical of modern TV movies and makes "Look Again" the sort of movie which if you wished you could go and do other things and come back to without really missing anything.

The generic feel of "Look Again" extends to the acting and directing with it being a case of an attractive cast nicely shot so they look good. Each actor delivers their lines and tries to create character but the whole thing is shallow with no real depth to the story and in truth a storyline which even if you follow to try and work out who the killer is will keep you guessing as it plucks things out of the air come the end.

What this all boils down to is that "Look Again" can be summed up as a stereotypical 21st century made for TV thriller where the attractiveness of the cast is the most memorable thing.