Locked Away (2010) Movie Review

Locked Away (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jean Louisa Kelly in Locked Away (2010)

Mother Maniac

Taylin (Kirsten Prout - Meteor Storm) and her boyfriend, Kevin (Jake Thomas), never planned on getting pregnant but they do the responsible thing and tell Taylin's mum Sasha (Paula Trickey - 'Til Lies Do Us Part). Sasha, knowing full well that having a baby would change her teenage daughter's life for ever, wants her to put the baby up for adoption as soon as it is born, not something Taylin wants. Having been set up by the doctor with a pregnancy counsellor, Chloe (Jean Louisa Kelly - The Three Gifts), Taylin looks to her for advice. What Taylin doesn't know is that Chloe is desperate to have a baby but is unable to have one of her own and will do anything to become a mum, even if it isn't hers.

Well it has been almost 6 months since the last movie I watched about a troubled woman who is desperate to have a child, so desperate she will kill. But those 6 months appear to not be long enough to make watching "Locked Away" a memorable or even entertaining experience as all it does is to deliver another familiar play on that desperate woman wanting a baby theme. I will put things simply and say that what makes "Locked Away" watch able is the trio of actresses; Jean Louisa Kelly, Kirsten Prout, and Paula Trickey who at least deliver confident performances even if their characters are pretty forgettable, as is most of the dialogue.

Kirsten Prout in Locked Away (2010)

Now in fairness "Locked Away" has a few ideas thrown in to the mix and almost feels like the writers have cherry picked ideas from several TV movies. As such we have the teenager who clashes with her mum, the boyfriend who has an ex hanging around, and of course we have Chloe, the woman desperate to be a mum and deranged with it. But that gives us another development as Chloe ends up keeping Taylin a prisoner in her home. None of these ideas are new but I don't ever remember watching another movie with the same combination going on.

What this all boils down to is that "Locked Away" is entertaining but it isn't anything special, just a nice combination of themes which other movies have used. Its biggest appeal comes from the trio of stars Jean Louisa Kelly, Kirsten Prout, and Paula Trickey with Jean Louisa Kelly really making the movie in the scenes where Chloe loses it.