Letter Never Sent (2015) Haley Webb, Callard Harris, Eva LaRue, Cherilyn Wilson Movie Review

Letter Never Sent (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Callard Harris in Letter Never Sent (2015)

Signed, Sealed but not Delivered

At high school Henry (Callard Harris - The Real St. Nick) had a secret crush on his neighbour, Claire (Haley Webb - Lethal Beauty), trouble is not only was he the school nerd but Claire already had a boyfriend. So when Claire broke up with him Henry wrote her a letter declaring his love, except before he could give it to her she patched things up with her boyfriend and Henry hides the letter in a year book, forgetting all about it. 7 years later and Henry's friend, Tom (David Thomas Jenkins), returns home for his mother's, Diane's (Eva LaRue - Help for the Holidays), 50th birthday and comes across Henry's never sent love letter. Despite brushing it off as just a stupid crush Henry finds his feelings for Claire still linger, unfortunately Claire has a boyfriend and he must decide whether to keep things secret or tell her exactly how he feels.

As I have mentioned before, reviewing made for TV family entertainment is not that easy due to them often being quite similar and that leads to them being predictable. As such when it comes to "Letter Never Sent" you have the ingredients of a guy who has a secret crush on the girl next door, a trip back home, old feelings being re-ignited but of course old insecurities when he learns that she has a boyfriend and so doesn't want to express how he feels. The story pretty much writes itself when it comes to Henry and Claire, even a subplot surrounding a couple of their friends who knew each other back in high school also pretty much writes itself.

I think the most surprising thing about "Letter Never Sent" is that Henry's mum is played by Eva LaRue and when they say it is her 50th you think surely not. In fairness the rest of the cast play their parts well and the whole production delivers on that easy going vibe which makes this a warm and watchable movie although not one which you will feel like you need to watch again.

What this all boils down to is that "Letter Never Sent" is another easy to watch, pleasant made for TV movie which will entertain those who intentionally seek out this sort of movie to watch. But it doesn't have anything special going on to make it stand out from the crowd.