Lethal Lolita (1992) (aka: Amy Fisher: My Story) Ed Marinaro, Noelle Parker, Boyd Kestner, Pierrette Grace Movie Review

Lethal Lolita (1992)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Noelle Parker in Lethal Lolita (1992) (aka: Amy Fisher: My Story)

Fisher's Story

After having a prang in her car, Amy Fisher (Noelle Parker - Leave of Absence) meets mechanic Joey Buttafuoco (Ed Marinaro - Menu for Murder) and right away Joey is taken with the attractive 16 year old. After some flirtations over the course of a few weeks and months things move on when Joey drives Amy home from the garage and ends up sleeping with her. All this carried on for a while behind the back of his wife Mary Jo (Kathleen Laskey - Getting Gotti) as he and Amy would book into motels. But things escalate leading to Amy's arrest after Mary Jo is shot in the face.

It has been a little while since I watched Drew Barrymore in "The Amy Fisher Story", which it is worth knowing was the third movie to be made about the relationship between teenager Amy Fisher and married man Joey Buttafuoco which led to Fisher's arrest for attempted murder. And to be honest I wish I had watched it more recently because I would be able to spot the differences in story especially as "Lethal Lolita" is based on Amy Fisher's side of the story. What I will say about "Lethal Lolita" is that this version suggests there was issues between Amy and her father whilst Joesy was in fact using Amy, seducing her with his charm. I wouldn't go as far as to say that "Lethal Lolita" portrays Amy as innocent but it certainly tries to show she was used and makes her less cold.

Aside from the differences when it comes to Fisher's version of events it has to be said that "Lethal Lolita" is just a middle of the road 90's TV movie. Director Bradford May keeps things ticking over at a decent pace whilst both Noelle Parker and Ed Marinaro certainly play their characters in a solid manner. But everything about "Lethal Lolita" is simply routine, kind of factory line, and as such it fails to stand out from the crowd to become a memorable true crime movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Lethal Lolita" is just a slightly different version of the Amy Fisher story telling Fisher's side of what happened. There is nothing special about it and as such once it is over you will find yourself struggling to remember anything about it.