Let It Snow (2013) Movie Review

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Jesse Hutch in Let It Snow (2013)

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Ted Beck (Alan Thicke - A Cookie Cutter Christmas) has just acquired Snow Valley Lodge for his Falcon Corporation and wants his daughter Stephanie (Candace Cameron Bure - Switched for Christmas), a top executive, to go to the mom and pop run lodge for Christmas to decide what needs to be done to turn it into a Falcon business. Having never had a real Christmas with her business first father, Stephanie isn't fussed about Christmas, that is until she finds her self immersed in the Christmas traditions of the Lewis family who run the lodge and she enjoys having the sort of Christmas she never had as a child. Not only that but she finds herself falling for Brady (Jesse Hutch - Snowmance), the Lewis' handsome son. But it means when time comes for Stephanie to write her report as to what they should do to Snow Valley Lodge she is torn between the head and her heart.

So here we go again with another Hallmark Christmas movie which beneath the layers of warm winter clothes, wrapping paper and snow uses a generic romantic-comedy storyline which has been used time and again in a variety of movies. In the case of "Let It Snow" it is the business executive who arrives in town to make drastic changes to a business only to fall in love with the ways already in place as well as falling for a local which causes conflict when they have a decision to make over the business. As such "Let It Snow" is obvious right from the word go and before we even get to it you can predict that initially things between Stephanie and laid back Brady will be a bit antagonistic as that is the norm before they spend some time in the snow and Stephanie falls for him.

But in a way the lack of originality in "Let It Snow" is not a huge issue as it delivers what you want from a Hallmark Christmas movie; that is lots of festive fun, lots of romantic comedy between Stephanie and Brady and good looking people who have smiles which are brighter than the snow. In fairness Candace Cameron Bure and Jesse Hutch are well cast and look good together whilst also delivering all the obvious comedy which in truth is more important than delivering anything close to depth and realism in this sort of easy to watch in the afternoon Christmas movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Let It Snow" is simply one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which reworks an already over used storyline and places it in a picture perfect Christmassy setting with a pretty cast. It makes "Let It Snow" one of those movies which you don't need to focus on to keep track of what is happening but is kind of fun when you do.

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