Last Vermont Christmas (2018) Erin Cahill, Justin Bruening, Catherine Corcoran, Rachel Rhodes-Devey, Jim O'Hare, Ann Osmond, Samarah Conley, Rob Figueroa Movie Review

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Erin Cahill in Last Vermont Christmas (2018)

A Traditional Marvin Christmas

Whilst their daughter, Audrey (Catherine Corcoran), may have returned home when she dropped out of college, Daniel (Jim O'Hare) and Peggy Marvin's (Ann Osmond) other daughters, have flown the nest and have lives of their own. It is why they have decided to sell the family home and relocate to Arizona which means this year will be their last Christmas together when all the family descend on the home to share on all their festive traditions. For Megan (Erin Cahill - Sleigh Bells Ring) and her daughter things take an interesting turn when she discovers that Nash (Justin Bruening - The Thanksgiving House), her high school sweetheart, is buying their home with a realtor with the intention of doing it up and flipping it. But as Megan and Nash spend time together they both realise that they still love each other. The question is whether Megan is prepared to love again having gone through heart break when her husband died?

Let me pick out the important things from the synopsis for "Last Vermont Christmas"; we have a single mum who is scared of falling in love again because of the pain she went through last time. Said single mum comes in to touch with her high school sweetheart and they still have feelings for each other. And we have a family who celebrate Christmas with a whole host of traditions such as cutting down a tree, making the decorations, going carolling and also a horse drawn carriage ride around town to see all the Christmas decorations. Those things combined along with some comedy of the youngest daughter not wanting the house sold makes "Last Vermont Christmas" little more than a routine and predictable Hallmark Christmas movie.

Justin Bruening in Last Vermont Christmas (2018)

But because "Last Vermont Christmas" is a typical Hallmark Christmas movie it is firstly easy to watch, trust me there is no clever plot developments which are going to catch you off guard in this. But secondly it is a pretty movie where you have a cast who whilst doing a good job of playing their parts also look good whether draped in a scarf or wearing a woolly hat standing next to a fir tree. It isn't just the characters who look good because we have pretty trees, decorated houses and snow covered streets, everything most people envision when it comes to Christmas but never seem to be able to recreate what they see in these Hallmark Christmas movies.

What this all boils down to is that "Last Vermont Christmas" is a pleasant Hallmark Christmas movie but one which doesn't add anything to the usual formula to make it stand out from other Christmas movies.

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