Landmine Goes Click (2015) Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke, Dean Geye Movie Review

Landmine Goes Click (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Sterling Knight in Landmine Goes Click (2015)

Started to Bomb

Three friends; Chris, Alicia and Daniel (Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke, Dean Geyer) are on holiday in Europe and working their way through Georgia. But things take a turn for the worse when Chris accidentally stands on an old landmine and his only option is to stay standing on the mine whilst Alicia and Daniel try to find help. Except things don't play out that way and Chris, who loves Alicia despite the fact she is with Daniel is forced to watch as she is attacked and violated.

I guess I am wired differently to many of those who have watched and reviewed "Landmine Goes Click" as whilst I think the initial set up borders on the brilliant how the movie plays out did not entertain me. For me that set up which not only sees Chris forced to stand still due to a mine and left unable to do anything as things unfold in front of him is a good one ripe to deliver emotional depth and conflict. And whilst far fetched I like the immediate scenes which follow as we learn that Chris's predicament was not accidental and someone wants to teach him a lesson.

Spencer Locke in Landmine Goes Click (2015)

But then after this set up what we get turns divisive as what we watch is the humiliation and violation of Alicia as a psycho shows up and with Chris unable to react is forced to watch. The whole thing becomes not only increasingly far fetched but also uncomfortable. Now some who have watched this movie seem to be able to look past this and focus on the darkness of the mind and how someone could be so sick that they would do what we witness. It didn't do it for me and ends up feeling like a short idea drawn out beyond the point of working.

What this all boils down to is that whilst I like the set up to "Landmine Goes Click" and in some ways like the concept of what the movie tries to become the end product doesn't enthral me like it has done others who seem to be entertained by the darkness of a man's mind.