Killing Daddy (2014) (aka: My Father Must Die) Elizabeth Gillies, Cynthia Stevenson, William R. Moses, Sebastian Pigott Movie Review

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Elizabeth Gillies in Killing Daddy (2014) (aka: My Father Must Die)

Killing Time

Following her mother's suicide, many years earlier, Callie Ross (Elizabeth Gillies) fell out with her father, George (William R. Moses - Assumed Killer). But since then things haven't turned out well for Callie as she is sacked from work for stealing cash, her landlord has kicked her out and she owes her sort of boyfriend, Jake (Sebastian Pigott - Committed), not only money but his jeep, which she steals. So with options running out she calls home and speaks to the maid, Emma (Cynthia Stevenson - Case 39). Learning that her father has had a stroke and is unable to speak Callie returns home with an ulterior motive, she plans to make her father pay for her mother's death whilst also blackmailing his lawyer to make sure she is the only beneficiary when she has her dad killed. But not only do things not go to plan but she discovers something she never knew about her mother.

"Killing Daddy" features Elizabeth Gillies and her arched eyebrows as Callie, a young woman with issues and a sadistic mind. "Killing Daddy" also features a whole range of cliches as we follow Callie and her journey home where she plans to get revenge on her father for not only her mum's death but also for screwing her up after sge was put on medication from a young age. As such "Killing Daddy", which also has the name "My Father Must Die", is one of the easiest movies to predict as it signposts everything which is to follow.

William R. Moses in Killing Daddy (2014) (aka: My Father Must Die)

What do I mean? Well after Callie returns home her angry boyfriend Jake shows up wanting money and so with an inheritance on the cards if they switch wills, blackmail the lawyer and kill the father Callie offers Jake some of the inheritance if he does the dirty deed for her. Of course thing don't go to plan and when someone has some dirt on you the chances are they will blackmail you. There are more things which are predictable such as the nice as pie Emma being more than just the housekeeper. All the time we have Callie being little miss sinister which means when she is alone with her father she revels in telling her completely paralysed and helpless father her evil plans.

Of course as Callie evolves her nefarious plans, changing them when things don't go her way it of course can't end up that simple and as I hinted at Callie learns something about her mother she never knew. But in truth it isn't a huge surprise to us as we have already had plenty of suggestions along the way as to what is going on.

What this all boils down to is that "Killing Daddy" is entertaining in a routine sort of way with that over the top style which frankly makes it an incredibly obvious movie. For some, especially fans of Elizabeth Gillies, it will be an entertaining thriller but for others it won't be overly memorable.