Killer Night Shift (2018) (aka: Night Nurse) Christie Burson, Sara Antonio, Cynthia Evans, shalesha Monique Henderson, Byron Herlong, Johnny Pacar, Vanessa Reseland Movie Review

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Christie Burson in Killer Night Shift (2018) (aka: Night Nurse)

Nightmare Nurse

With her husband, David (Johnny Pacar - 10 Year Reunion), having to work abroad, Tricia Rosen (Christie Burson - Deadly Lessons) is facing spending time alone during the last few weeks of her pregnancy, which she assures David that she can do. But after an emergency sees her rushed in to hospital Tricia finds herself ordered to take bed rest and that means employing a couple of home nurses to help; Irene (Vanessa Reseland) and Katy (Cynthia Evans), who actually lives close by. But what Tricia isn't aware of is that one of her nurses not only knows and hates her husband but also plans to steal their baby.

There is some thing I didn't mention in that synopsis for "Killer Night Shift"; that is that early on we encounter Irene and she is less than pleasant which of course leads us to initially wonder whether she is going to be bad news when she is assigned to care for Tricia. But then we get glimpses as to how Katy operates; always being around whilst being spiteful towards Irene and so we begin to wonder whether she is a nasty piece of work. And as such we are left to wonder which one of these two characters are going to end up being nasty nurses. In fact this movie is very much about the characters of Irene and Katy with both being a little suspicious, although with one being more conniving than the other.

The trouble is that beyond the doubt over which character can be believed or not the rest of "Killer Night Shift", which is also known as "Night Nurse", is pretty stereotypical when it comes to what actually happens. Basically when you have watched one movie featuring a desperate and vengeful character you have seen them all and can guess what sort of villainous drama is going to show up. Although I have to say that when it comes to the plans of one of the characters they are a little more scheming than you might expect. And let me just say that a young pair of characters end up more important than you will think.

What this all boils down to is that "Killer Night Shift" is a movie with some nice ideas and some clever additions when it comes to what happens. Yet at the same time there is a side to this which is pretty familiar and that lets it down ever so slightly.