Killer Island (2018) Jackie Moore, Barbie Castro, Jordi Vilasuso, Brian Patrick Clarke, Brian Gross, Miguel Fasa, Carole Wood, Jacy King, Rebecca Rose Movie Review

Killer Island (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Barbie Castro and Brian Gross in Killer Island (2018)

A North Captiva Island Mystery

Ashley (Barbie Castro - Boyfriend Killer) grew up on North Captiva Island and it is where she takes her husband, Mike (Brian Gross), for a week long vacation, in order to get away from things and deal with some marital issues. Whilst there Mike wants to do plenty of fishing which is how he ends up meeting local fisherman, Jim Ross (Jordi Vilasuso), whose unsettled nephew, Johnny (Miguel Fasa), is the handyman at the resort where Ashley and Mike are staying. But an ankle bracelet which Ashley discovers on the beach as well as an old photo leads to her suspecting there are some dark secrets in the island especially when she finds herself in danger following the body of a missing woman washing up on the beach.

"Killer Island" starts with one of those dramatic scenes which are followed by a completely different scene with different characters. I won't tell you what happens in that opening scene other than to say it was murderous. What follows ends up entertaining but also initially kind of routine. As such after Ashley finds this ankle bracelet it goes missing then reappears making her suspicious of Johnny, we have the police on the prowl after a woman went missing and as you would expect we have Ashley ending up in danger as she starts snooping. To put this bluntly there are parts of "Killer Island" which might make some groan due to their cliche nature such as Ashley and Mike having had marital issues, yes he had an affair.

But "Killer Island" has something else going for it beyond the appeal of the cast and the location, which is beautiful. This is one of those movies which seem to be making things obvious as we learn that Johnny is a troubled, tense, emotional young man and as such immediately wonder whether he is a killer, especially when we get to see the dark visions which he has. But then we have a handful of characters who all behave in such a way that they also make you suspicious. As such before you are half way through "Killer Island" you begin to wonder whether your first suspicions were right. Plus director Alyn Darnay keeps the whole thing ticking over at a nice speed so whilst there are familiar elements it never drags its feet.

What this all boils down to is that "Killer Island" is simply a solid thriller, classic in style with a murder, an initial suspect and then multiple characters all seem to be secretive along with a woman who ends up in danger having started to snoop in to things herself.