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Arianne Zucker in Killer Assistant (2016) (aka: The Assistant)

Obsessed with a Babysitter

Suzanne Austin (Arianne Zucker) is an incredibly busy woman who whilst juggling being a wife and mother she is also the managing editor for the fashion magazine, Style Harmony. It is because of her job being so demanding and stressful, as well as Suzanne having had some anger issues, that her boss gets her an assistant called David (Brando Eaton), not something which Suzanne is overly happy about. But soon some strange things start to happen to Suzanne and those around her with Suzanne's focus falling on David, except one night after a heavy day she ends up drunk and spending the night with him which complicates matters.

There is something I didn't mention in that synopsis for "Killer Assistant" and that is the movie starts with a scene of a young boy walking in to a room to find his babysitter getting hot and horny with her boyfriend leading to the child, who is called Curtis, getting a ring to silence him. Now maybe it is just me because as a fan of TV movies but when we meet the over eager David who seems to want to get very close and personal with Suzanne I immediately suspected that he was that young boy who is still obsessed with the babysitter or maybe wants to get his own back on her for broken promises.

Brando Eaton in Killer Assistant (2016) (aka: The Assistant)

Now I won't say whether David is the obsessed young kid from the first scenes, you can watch "Killer Assistant" to find out for yourself. What I am going to say is that Suzanne is a fascinating character as she has anger issues, trust issues and is a mix of super sexy and powerful. It means that you are never entirely sure what Suzanne we will get in a scene although you can get bet she will be determined no matter what. In truth Arianne Zucker does play her a bit too full on but it certainly makes her scenes entertaining especially with Brando Eaton playing it as over the top cool, charming and manipulative.

What this all boils down to is that "Killer Assistant" is certainly an entertaining made for TV drama but one which is kind of entertaining for being both obvious and over the top. In fact in some ways the entertainment is partly for what is kind of cheesy about the movie.