Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000) starring Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke, Rhys Ifans, Laura Fraser, James Fleet, Louisa Rix, Tabitha Wady directed by Ed Bye Movie Review

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Kathy Burke and Harry Enfield in Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)

Havin' It Large

Back in the late 90s I loved Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke's Kevin & Perry on their TV show and was just as big of a fan when they hit the big screen with "Kevin & Perry Go Large". But over a decade later I had serious doubts as to whether "Kevin & Perry Go Large" was still as good because to be frank Kevin & Perry were the 90s. Well it was like a step back in time as within minutes of it starting the jokes and the characters had me in fits as if the last decade and a bit had never happened.

Teenage friends Kevin & Perry (Harry Enfield & Kathy Burke) are desperate to lose their virginity and believe that if they go on holiday to Ibiza they will meet the right sort of girl to do the deed with. It weighs especially heavy on Kevin's mind who not only fantasizes about being a world class D.J. but also about being a super stud. Despite Kevin's parents being so unfair they manage to get to Ibiza with the expectation of a holiday to remember, except Kevin's parents decide to tag along which is a major downer. Despite the set back they meet superstar DJ Eyeball Paul (Rhys Ifans - Love, Honour and Obey) and a couple of girls Candice & Gemma (Laura Fraser & Tabitha Wady) who are as eager as the boys to do the deed.

Rhys Ifans as DJ Eyeball Paul in Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)

To be honest "Kevin & Perry Go Large" is a niche movie as you need to have been a teen or a twenty something during the 90's and a fan of British TV to appreciate it. Basically if you never watched the Harry Enfield Show and enjoyed his character of the stroppy Kevin and his side kick Perry brilliantly played by Kathy Burke this movie won't work. But as I said if you were a fan of these characters and this movie when it was released it will make you feel like you have stepped back in time with daft humour and banging soundtrack.

As to the movie itself well it is pretty much a series of jokes from Kevin fantasizing about being an Ibiza D.J. to imagining his funeral having become a super stud. Basically it is comically crude teenage fantasies but it is just simply hilarious from start to finish with countless visual gags from zits being burst, parents caught having sex to Kevin's huge appendage foiling a bank robbery.

What this all boils down to is that "Kevin & Perry Go Large" is a movie which was made for a very specific audience and now over a decade later it still appeals to the same audience delivering the same level of immature laughs and making you feel young again especially with the brilliant club soundtrack.

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