Kept Woman (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Andrew W. Walker and Courtney Ford in Kept Woman (2015)

Simon Says

After returning home one night to be confronted by a robber, Jessica (Courtney Ford) and her boyfriend Evan (Andrew W. Walker) sell up and move from the city to the suburbs where they meet neighbour Simon (Shaun Benson) who says he is a lecturer in man studies at college whilst having the look of a man stuck in the 50s. But things are not easy between Jessica and Evan as she is hooked on online crime solving which frequently distracts her from her work and not keeping up her side of the bills. When Jessica becomes suspicious of Simon as he says he is single but smells of perfume and buys more food than he needs she ends up accepting an invite to pop in and see him only to end up being taken hostage in his basement which is a perfect copy of a 50s home but also is home to Robin (Rachel Wilson) who seems to be brain washed to play a happy 50s housewife.

That seems a lot of plot I have given away but in fact only just covers the first third of "Kept Woman" and so there is a lot more to follow. Yet at the same time it pretty much tells you everything you need to know and that is because in reality "Kept Woman" is a one trick pony with Simon being stuck in the 50s with his basement as a 50's prison for women. Once this is revealed to you and we become aware how much of a psycho Simon is there isn't a great deal more to the movie which is worth talking about.

Shaun Benson in Kept Woman (2015)

What I mean is that on one hand we have Evan giving up on hearing from Jessica as she never answers her phone, how could she as Simon has it. We have Simon monitoring his prisoners with Jessica deciding to play along and having to deal with his current prisoner, Robin, being jealous as Simon gives Jessica his attention. Oh and of course you have Jessica's online crime solving buddy uncovering things about Simon. Yes there are some surprises but for the most "Kept Woman" sticks to a familiar formula which isn't going to wow you above the initial perverse amusement of this bunker prison with its 50s look.

Of course "Kept Woman" is a made for TV movie and like many a modern made for TV movie this features an attractive cast which I hate to say it seems to be of huge importance when it comes to who they cast in the movie. Combined with the fact the characters of Jessica and Evan are similar to those you will see in other TV movies they end up forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that "Kept Woman" has its moments and has some interesting ideas, which are suggested to be inspired by actual events, but in the end the ideas end up gimmicks which make way to a pretty regular storyline.