Just the Way You Are (2015) Candace Cameron Bure, Ty Olsson, Carolyn Adair, Michael Antonakos, Rukiya Bernard, Jan Bos, Elizabeth Bowen Movie Review

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Candace Cameron Bure in Just the Way You Are (2015)

Constant Courting

Jennie Wreitz (Candace Cameron Bure - Journey Back to Christmas) and her husband, Ian (Ty Olsson - Smart Cookies), were once deeply in love, building their perfect home together and having two daughters. But over the years their careers have gotten in the way of romance and having just passed 15 years of marriage the romance has all but gone. For Jennie this is a problem as she makes her living as a relationship advisor and matchmaker. Feeling the need to do some thing before things go to far Jennie suggests that Ian goes out on a blind date... with her. Will this daring idea allow them to fall in love all over again and rediscover the spark which brought them together or will their careers continue to come between them.

Anyone who spends time on The Movie Scene knows that I like the sort of fun, light hearted romantic comedies which air on the Hallmark Channel and as such I like Candace Cameron Bure, the two kind of go hand in hand. Unfortunately when it comes to "Just the Way You Are", a Hallmark Channel romantic comedy from 2015, I have to say that this one was a bit of a misfire for me, failing to deliver the usual light hearted fun and romance which I watch these movies for.

Ty Olsson in Just the Way You Are (2015)

The thing is that "Just the Way You Are" isn't a complicated movie it is just a look at a husband and wife who have let their careers get in the way of their relationship and find trying to recapture what they once had hard going because despite still being in love their work commitments always gets in the way. What this really means is that "Just the Way You Are" ends up a movie of romantic moments where Jennie and Ian share a few special hours together, rekindling their romance and working out what they really want. Unfortunately all the stuff in between just doesn't really grab you and this struggles to deliver the fun you expect from a Hallmark movie although it does build nicely to romantic conclusion.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Just the Way You Are" is not a bad Hallmark movie, but it is one which often feels like between the beautifully crafted romantic scenes it struggles to keep you involved in what is going on.