Just Breathe (2008) (aka: Mom, Dad and Her) Melora Hardin, Paul McGillion, Brittney Wilson, Sarah Deakins, Tantoo Cardinal Movie Review

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Just Breathe (2008) (aka: Mom, Dad and Her)

Breaking Point

Lynn (Sarah Deakins) is at breaking point as her teenage daughter, Sydney (Brittney Wilson - 12 Hours to Live), is going off the rails as she is in trouble with the Chicago law and has a boyfriend who is leading her astray. It is why she tells her ex, Ben (Paul McGillion - NightScream), that whether he likes it or not he needs to take Sydney for the summer, despite the fact she barely speaks to her father since he remarried. But the situation is made all the more complicated as Ben's new wife, Emma (Melora Hardin - The Hollywood Mom's Mystery), is pregnant and Sydney has made up her mind to make life awkward for them both.

"Just Breathe", which is also known as "Mom, Dad and Her", is the sort of text book made for TV movie which, whilst having the potential to entertain a fresh audience, is likely to feel a little too familiar for those who enjoy watching TV movies. As such we have Sydney an angry and rebellious teenager who ever since her parent's got divorced has been acting out and being a right royal pain in the backside towards both her parents. Yes this is a movie which touches on the subject of children of divorce being the forgotten victim of the collapse of a marriage as they don't get to close of that chapter of their lives.

But what of course you get in "Just Breathe" is Sydney letting go of all her anger and resentment and accepting the future whilst letting go of the past issues. She also drops the attitude, makes friends and of course sees the bigger picture as she gets to know Emma as well as spending time with her father. As I said "Just Breathe" is very much a text book movie, a family drama which if you are in the right mood will lift your flagging spirits. But with the exception of a couple of scenes there is nothing out of the ordinary in this movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Just Breathe" is just some routine family drama which sees a teenage rebel reconnecting with her estranged father and becoming friends with her step mom. It is a nice movie but it isn't anything out of the ordinary.