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Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow (2015)

Henson's Howling Hoodoo

Whilst their dad, Ron (Jay Harrington - Lipstick), might have some trendy name for it, both Tim (Graham Verchere - Perfect Match) and Annie (Genevieve Buechner - Finding a Family) know the reason why they are heading to Turkey Hollow is because their parents got divorced and their dad lost everything. But for Tim and Annie a stay in Turkey Hollow with their beet loving, turkey rescuing Aunt Cly's (Mary Steenburgen - A Walk in the Woods) is an experience they won't forget in a hurry and not just because she has no internet and there is no cell service in the area. Not only do they run foul of Eldridge Sump (Linden Banks), a crooked turkey farmer who threatens to take Aunt Cly's land, but they find themselves on the search for the "Howling Hoodoo", an elusive monster that is a legend to the locals of Turkey Hollow.

The best compliment I can pay "Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow" is that it reminded me of what I loved about Jim Henson and his imagination despite this being made after he died. And that comes down to a group of puppet monsters by the name of Squonk, Burble, Zorp and Thring as these creations are cute, funny, fluffy and quirky with each one having their own personality. And as such a lot of credit must go to the unseen people involved in "Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow" from those who voice these creations to Don Sahlin who brought Jim Henson's original sketches for these monsters to life.

But look beyond the cuteness of Squonk, Burble, Zorp, and Thring and what you get in "Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow" is a children's movie which some might say is cliche whilst I prefer to say has a classic set up. What I mean by that is we have a couple of kids who due to a crooked business owner, and his two bungling goons, end up in danger only to save the day with a little help from those cute monsters as well as their father and aunt. On the subject of which, Aunt Cly is that equally classic quirky older character who shuns the 21st century and appears a little cranky at times. Even the sheriff with his comical expressions almost feels like a character out of a comic strip brought to life. It means that for some "Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow" might lack in an original storyline but for children it should be a fun little adventure movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow" is a nice little movie with a simple to follow storyline and some amusing characters which whilst intended for children is just as likely to entertain grown ups thanks to Jim Henson's original ideas.