Jet Attack (1958) (aka: Through Hell to Glory) starring John Agar, Audrey Totter, Gregory Walcott, James Dobson directed by Edward L. Cahn Movie Review

Jet Attack (1958)   2/52/52/52/52/5

John Agar in Jet Attack (1958) (aka: Through Hell to Glory)

Agar Likes a White Russian

When a scientist and his pilot end up flying across enemy lines they end up shot down and placed in a Korean POW camp. It is highly important that the scientist is rescued and Capt. Tom Arnett (John Agar) is the ideal man as a year earlier he managed to escape from the exact same camp with the aid of Tanya Nikova (Audrey Totter), a white Russian nurse. So now with a couple of buddies Arnett is parachuting back behind enemy lines on a rescue mission

In a way John Agar reminds me of Michael Caine, not in acting style or looks but in the fact he was a working actor always appearing in one thing or another even if the movie sucked. It is because of this that you are just as likely to find a John Agar movie which is poor as you are to find a good one, and when it comes to "Jet Attack" it is not a good one. From footage lifted from other movies to a nonsense storyline it has incredibly little going for it and resorts to distraction tactics with a sexy Korean woman dancing for one of the wise cracking soldiers just to pass a few minutes.

In fact I can strip "Jet Attack" back to a couple of basic points as we have some cocky fly boys saving the day in Korea whilst we also have a romantic subplot tossed in there as well as Arnett and Nikova are reunited. Yes we have some mystery surrounding Nikova and what she is really up to but it is so basic that it is hard for this movie to grab your attention let alone keep it especially when any action in the skies has obviously been lifted from other movies.

What this all boils down to is that "Jet Attack" is a weak Korean war movie which spends most of the time trying to distract you with unimportant scenes and wise cracking characters but failing abysmally.