Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss (2009) Lea Thompson, Joe Penny, William R. Moses, Jessy Schram Movie Review

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Lea Thompson in Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss (2009)

Jane Doe Does Manchurian

When not one but two CSA agents assassinate their bosses but then can't remember doing it, former CSA agent turned housewife Cathy Davis (Lea Thompson) finds herself back in the thick of it as she helps her former colleague Frank Darnell (Joe Penny). Cathy, working under her alias Jane Doe, quickly finds a connection between these murders and a secret government mind control project. But with the potential for another agent to turn assassin at any time it is a race against time for Jane to uncover who is behind these killings. Meanwhile Cathy's husband Jack (William R. Moses) is not only trying to keep the home running and deal with their son but wow a potential client.

"The Manchurian Candidate" review done. For those who don't get that brief sentence basically "Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss" uses the same idea which was used in "The Manchurian Candidate" with in this case CSA agents suddenly finding themselves murdering one of their own when something triggers them into a state of hypnosis. What that means for Jane, well of course she is going to have to solve what is going on before more people die but there are some twists to this when it comes to who ends up under hypnotic control.

William R. Moses in Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss (2009)

The thing is that whilst there are some twists alongside some playful red herrings; "Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss" is routine when it comes to this series of TV movies with things inevitably playing out in a predictable manner. In truth a sub-plot surrounding Cathy and Jack's son and a shoe box of money he has stashed under his bed ends up as entertaining as the main storyline.

What this all boils down to is that not only is "Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss" a routine entry in this series of TV movies but one which then draws on an idea explored in bigger movies. Maybe for those who have never watched either or the "The Manchurian Candidate" movies this will be more exciting but for me it did little to add anything to its routine nature.