Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb (2008) starring Ivan Sergei, Joanne Kelly, Thure Riefenstein, Alaina Huffman, Susan Ward directed by Terry Cunningham Movie Review

Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Ivan Sergei in Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb (2008)

Jack Hunter and a Tomb or Something

Jack Hunter (Ivan Sergei) finds himself less than happily working for the NSA and the pushy Liz (Susan Ward) who needs Jack to get the Iris which his arch enemy Littman (Thure Riefenstein) beat him to. But the NSA also want him to bring in the second part of the puzzle, an obelisk which archaeologist Dr. Lena Halstrom (Alaina Huffman) has unearthed near Cairo. With Nadia Ramadan (Joanne Kelly) having been loaned to the NSA by the Syrian government and with his fedora and knapsack Jack is back in action.

So first things first and "Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb" is the second episode in a trilogy of Jack Hunter movies although in truth these were made less as movies and more as part of a TV series. The good news is that you don't need to have watched the first episode, "Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit"; to follow this second episode/movie as you can quickly fill in the gaps. In fact I am sure there are those who sat through the first movie and vowed not to watch part two or three because of these Jack Hunter movies being little more than an Indiana Jones rip-off but with Jack being surrounded by attractive women who join him on the adventures.

The thing is that "Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb" really doesn't need much reviewing as in truth there isn't much to review. Jack is trying to get the pieces of a very powerful ancient weapon, some bad guys are also after it, he uses some fancy technology to try and unearth secrets, he is surrounded by women who fancy him as well as the obligatory comic sidekick character who is well played by Mario Naim Bassil, and then we have the adventure style action. All of which mounts to a movie which you don't really concentrate on, probably mock every now and then for its daftness and then kind of enjoy the action. Well enjoy if you are not offended by it being such a rip off of the Indiana Jones movies.

What this all boils down to is that if you enjoyed the first Jack Hunter movie then "Jack Hunter and the Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb" is more of the same but it also tells the second part of the story. In truth it isn't very good and you need to be in the right mood to watch but it is an okay distraction if you are.