Intruders (2015) (aka: Shut In) Beth Riesgraf, Rory Culkin, Jack Kesy, Martin Starr, Joshua Mikel, Timothy T. McKinney, Leticia Jimenez Movie Review

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Beth Riesgraf in Intruders (2015) (aka: Shut In)

Welcome to the House of Fun

J.P. (Jack Kesy), Perry (Martin Starr) and Vance (Joshua Mikel) break in to the home of Anna Rook (Beth Riesgraf) as not only have they learned she has a stash of cash hidden there but as it is the day of her brother's funeral they expect the house to be empty. What they don't realise is that Anna suffers from crippling agoraphobia which means she hasn't left the house in years, since before her father died. But Anna still being in the house is not the only surprise that these three intruders are in for as they discover she is a surprising woman with secrets in the basement.

I am going to have to say spoiler alert because if I don't there wouldn't be much beyond the synopsis which I could say about "Intruders", formerly known as "Shut In", so you know what to do if you don't want the movie spoiled. Now it all starts of reasonable as we come to understand that Anna has been caring for her terminally ill brother who whilst he will go and sit on the bench outside the family home and take in the night sky Anna won't. We start to learn the extent of her agoraphobia when despite having dressed to attend her brother's funeral she can't bring herself to go through the door to her home and in to the outside world.

So the set up is in place and of course what that means is we have Anna home alone when the three guys break in looking for the money which they have learned is stashed there. The thing is that this comes very early on in the movie and you think to yourself well surely we are not going to get an hour of torture as they attack and rape Anna as they try to get out of her where the money is. Well yes there is an hour of torture except it is Anna doing the torturing as alongside agoraphobia she has a bit of a psycho side and the house has hidden rooms in the basement with remote controlled doors and retractable steps. As such we watch as Anna deals with the intruders along with an extra guest and this is where the movie's in your face violent side with the weapon of choice often being a wielded hammer to viciously inflict injury to both human and bird.

Now I could go on about the violence in "Intruders" or divulge why there are these rooms in the basement with hidden tunnels and two way mirrors but that would spoil it even further. Instead I have to say that Beth Riesgraf makes the movie because she delivers that paralysing fear that Anna has of the outside World yet as the story evolves we get to see this other side, a much stronger side as we see her deal with the intruders and doing things which take you by surprise.

What this all boils down to is that "Intruders" is a decent home invasion movie with an intriguing idea which alongside the performance of Beth Riesgraf keeps you interested and curious as to how it is going to play out.