In My Dreams (2014) starring Katharine McPhee, Mike Vogel, JoBeth Williams, Joe Massingill directed by Kenny Leon Movie Review

In My Dreams (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Katharine McPhee and Mike Vogel in In My Dreams (2014)

Two Coins in a Fountain

Following her mother's death Natalie (Katharine McPhee) has taken over the family restaurant but is finding things tough and is starting to make some changes including hiring a new chef to turn things around. Nick (Mike Vogel) is a busy architect who when he isn't on the phone has to put up with his mother's meddling in to his love life as she fears he will never meet the right woman. It just so happens that Natalie and Nick are in the same park at the same time and toss a coin into a fountain at the same time which touch as they settle. Unbeknown to them there is a bit of a legend around the fountain that if coins touch not only will the recipients start dreaming of each other but have 7 days to find each other. That is all and well except they have never met, Nick's mum is setting him up with someone else and Natalie finds her new chef Mario taking a shine to her.

Let me see we have a restaurant in a movie, then it has to be Italian and being Italian they have to play opera music and being Italian there has to be a passionate but volatile chef, those are just some of the cliches which you will stumble across if you chose to watch "In My Dreams". Other cliches are two handsome people who work hard and who are unlucky in love, an annoyingly pushy friend, an equally pushy mother as well as a girlfriend who isn't right. In truth I could keep on going as the cliches keep on piling up through out "In My Dreams".

But here is the USP and it is as the title says "In My Dreams" as we get to watch Natalie and Nick fall in love in their dreams with both becoming eager to go to sleep so they can get the next slice of dream romance. It is an enjoyable idea and the romantic fluff which goes on in those dreams is actually quite romantic with McPhee and Vogel working well together in those dream scenes. But when we don't have those dream scenes what we get is just the usual comedy, romance fluff you will find in countless made for TV movies.

What this all boils down to is that "In My Dreams" is not bad and in truth has a nice USP but unfortunately other than the USP it is only the regular sort of thing you will find in dozens of other made for TV movies.