Igor (2008) John Cusack, Myleene Klass, Robin Walsh, Matt McKenna Movie Review

Igor (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Igor (2008)

An Animated Lab Creation

Igor was born with a hunch on his back and that means that in the land of the evil scientist he is destined to be an evil scientist's assistant and nothing more. But Igor is different to all the other Igors as not only does he work for a not so great evil scientist but this Igor has brains and the ability to build inventions. It is actually Igor's creation which causes problems when it comes to the science fair and a celebrated mad scientist who has even greater despicable plans this year.

Have we finally got to the point where modern animations have reached their visual pinnacle and now those behind them are going to have to return to decent writing and creativity to make them stand out. I hope so because I reckon out of the last 10 modern animations I have watched only one stood out from the crowd thanks to the writing and all the others melted in to the mass formed by other animations which all end up familiar when it comes to looks, characters and story. Sadly "Igor" was not that one movie and this is another animated movie which within a week I won't really remember.

The thing is that "Igor" ticks so many of the boxes. Visually the animation work is of a decent standard with that look which young audiences will enjoy especially with the comically quirky nature of the characters. On the subject of which the producers have pulled together a fair few recognizable actors to voice the characters which mean for adults you will suddenly recognize Jennifer Coolidge or Sean Hayes voicing one of the characters. And leading on from that those behind "Igor" have tried to put in enough references so that it is as appealing to adults as it is to children and yes there are a lot of gags which draw on old horror stereotypes which make you smile.

But as I said "Igor" doesn't leave a lasting impression and doesn't make you think I need to watch "Igor" again. Why? I actually think it is down to trying to please everyone and in doing so only ending up a generic creation. It basically gives it a busy; scattergun feeling which whilst meaning it never stops still with the humour doesn't give it time to leave an impression either.

What this all boils down to is that "Igor" may entertain a young audience which its scattergun approach to comedy making it feel non stop. But for me this was just another animation and one which whilst entertaining enough fails to stand out from the crowd by becoming memorable.