Identity Theft (2004) Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Jason London, Annabella Sciorra, Stephen Strachan Movie Review

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Kimberly Williams-Paisley in Identity Theft (2004)

Taking Back Her Life

Michelle Brown (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) has always dreamed of owning her own house and now with her job as a teacher, years of saving and boyfriend Justin (Jason London) she is at the point where her dreams can come true especially as Justin has the skills to fix up a bit of a run down property she finds. Whilst going through all the legalities she hands over her details to Connie (Annabella Sciorra), the receptionist at the loan office she goes through and thinks nothing more. But Connie is a woman who wants nice things and with maxed out credit cards decides to copy Michelle's details and starts running up bills in her name. When Michelle realises someone has stolen her identity it is too late as Connie's actions as Michelle has lead to a warrant for the arrest of Michelle Brown.

Some times it can be quite entertaining to watch old Lifetime movies especially those which tackle the subject of the day because watched years later the fear factor which is part of the movie becomes over played. This is the case with the 2004 movie "Identity Theft", or to give it its full title "Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story", as whilst it is an interesting look at the subject of identity theft based on a true story when watched now the flaws become more clear.

Annabella Sciorra in Identity Theft (2004)

The thing is that "Identity Theft" whilst often unsubtle does do a good job of highlighting how if your details end up in the wrong hands how things can spiral out of control. There is the obvious with some destroying of your credit rating by someone running up debts in your name to the mechanics of stealing your identity by getting a driving licence in your name. But of course being a Lifetime movie there has to be some danger such as when Michelle goes to where Connie lived to confront her unaware she has a criminal record with drug possession being one of her crimes.

That leads me to a big part of what "Identity Theft" is about and that is are two central characters. On one hand we have the bubbly Michelle, a really good hearted school teacher who has worked for what she wants but we get to see the situation and the stress of having her identity stolen knock her for six. And then of course with "Identity Theft" being a lifetime movie we need the complete opposite and Annabella Sciorra delivers that as Connie making her the sort of character who wants everything and thinks she should be able to have what everyone else has but doesn't want to wait. She is the sort of woman who feels she is a victim, who never gets any luck and so on.

What this all boils down to is that "Identity Theft" is an entertaining looking at the subject of Identity fraud with a look at not only how easy it is for someone to steal your identity but the effects it has on the victim. But this is a made for TV movie and the sort which wants to put the fear of God into you with some unsubtle elements.