Ice Dreams (2009) Jessica Cauffiel, Shelley Long, Brady Smith, Kathleen Wilhoite Movie Review

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Jessica Cauffiel in Ice Dreams (2009)

Ice Glory

School teacher Brady Smith (Brady Smith) finds himself the owner of the mid city ice rink where he spent many an hour skating as a teenager as his uncle has left it him in his will. But having taken some leave of absence to deal with the old place he not only has to deal with the fact the place is making a loss and developers wanting to buy it to knock down but there is also Amy Clayton (Jessica Cauffiel) who having once skated professionally is now struggling to make ends meet and has a deal with Brady's uncle which allows her to skate free late at night. Then there is talented young skater Nicky Laston (Noelle Bruno) who has plenty of potential but her single mum Debra (Kathleen Wilhoite) can't afford a top coach or pretty much any coach come to that. Then there is Amy's mum Harriet (Shelley Long) who has become estranged from her daughter due to the way her disciplinarian father treated her when she was a skater despite having left her a lot of money.

So that is quite a lot of synopsis there for "Ice Dreams" but it is a movie which in all honesty feels like the writers having watched various sports movies took their favourite cliches and worked them together to make this movie. The thing is that whilst the team behind "Ice Dreams" have done a nice job of combining the various plot lines to deliver plenty of wholesome entertainment it never truly escapes the predicable nature which comes from the cliches. As such you know there will be romance on the ice when everyone's gone home whilst Brady discovers a love for the old ice skating rink as well. I could go on but basically with all the different characters their stories all end up intertwining so that of course they all end up helping each other out.

Brady Smith in Ice Dreams (2009)

The thing about "Ice Dreams" and why it works is that the team behind it have brought together a nice team for in front of the camera. Both Brady Smith and Jessica Cauffiel bring bucket loads of appeal to make them both not only easy on the eyes but likeable as characters which makes the romance which forms between them pretty cute. And then you have Jerry Stiller thrown in there for comic relief whilst Shelley Long is nicely cast as a bit of a pushy mum. It is the casting which manages to make you keep on watching when the cliches start to get too obvious and the storyline gets far fetched.

What this all boils down to is that "Ice Dreams" is a pleasant little feel good movie with a wholesome side where different troubled people end up coming together in such a way that end up helping each other out. It isn't anything new but it is enjoyable if you enjoy easy to watch movies rather than gritty ones.