I Married Who? (2012) Kellie Martin, Ethan Erickson, Bess Armstrong, Timothy Bottoms, Adrienne Frantz, Bradley Snedeker, Bruce Nozick, Daphne Duplaix, Erin Gray Movie Review

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Kellie Martin in I Married Who? (2012)

Hallmark Does Vegas

Jordan (Kellie Martin - Smooch) and Peter (Bradley Snedeker) seem such a perfect match, she is a sensible realtor he is a clean cut attorney and so with their marriage just days away Jordan couldn't be happier. With her best friends, Claire (Adrienne Frantz - Cradles for Cash) and Jessica (Daphne Duplaix), she even goes to Vegas for a bachelorette party confident that whilst her friends may end up getting drunk she will just have a nice time. That is until the next morning she wakes up in the room of movie star, Matt Swift (Ethan Erickson - Accidentally in Love), unable to remember the night before but finds a ring on her finger and confronted by the news she got married to Matt after getting drunk. With Matt's manager using the wedding to promote his latest movie Jordan finds herself confused as whilst she wants it annulled so she can marry Peter she starts to fall in love with Matt.

Sometimes trying to review a Hallmark movie can be a surprisingly difficult thing to do especially when you have reviewed so many of them as you find yourself repeating what you have written before. As such when it comes to the Hallmark romantic comedy "I Married Who?" there is nothing new to say about it as it delivers the obvious comedy of the straight laced Jordan ending up falling for her complete opposite, the laid back Matt who she married whilst drunk in Vegas. Along the way Jordan becomes exasperated by the whole situation as initially she wants the marriage annulled but the longer she stays married the more fond of Matt she becomes.

But as familiar and predictable as "I Married Who?" is I have to end up sounding like a broken record as it works for its intended, TV movie loving audience who just want some light hearted fun which features nice people and nice comedy rather than anything risky let alone crude. And as always a big part of why this Hallmark movie works is in its main casting with the likeable Kellie Martin doing straight laced but conflicted in a fun way which makes you warm to her.

What this all boils down to is that "I Married Who?" is just a typical Hallmark romantic comedy, the sort of movie which is a pleasant distraction if you are a fan of Hallmark movies but not something which is overly memorable or which you would be in a hurry to watch again.