House of Darkness (2016) Sara Fletcher, Gunner Wright, Mykayla Sohn, Brittany Falardeau Movie Review

House of Darkness (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Sara Fletcher in House of Darkness (2016)

House of Horror Cliches

Kelly (Sara Fletcher) and Brian (Gunner Wright) have been having marital issues as he is emotionally restrained and has jealousy issues as Kelly works as a massage therapist. It is why they have been seeing a marriage therapist and also the reason why they have moved out of the city. But despite them wanting to have a second child they still find their problems causing disharmony in their relationship. On top of that they discover that a lot of creepy, unexplained things start to happen in their new home including their daughter appearing to be possessed.

A made for TV haunted house movie where a troubled couple end up plagued by spooky things going on in their new home, especially nasty visions. Yes "House of Darkness" is as cliche as it sounds and never really manages to deliver the full effect of a haunted house where nasty things go on and have gone on in the past. Basically pretty much every single haunted house cliche gets put in to this movie from a daughter who seems possessed, a wife sees a family in a room and the husband has a vision of his dead wife. Considering "House of Darkness" makes a claim of being based on actual events it feels more like it is based on other horror movies.

I really am at a loss to give you something positive to say about "House of Darkness" other than Sara Fletcher is appealing. But unfortunately from weak characters to generic cinematography I can't although I suppose for anyone who isn't a haunted house movie fan might find this a little entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "House of Darkness" ends up a mundane movie which works its way through various cliches which better horror movies have already done. As I said, for non horror movie fans it might work but for anyone who has watched more than one other haunted house movie are likely to be disappointed.