Honeymoon for One (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Greg Wise and Nicollette Sheridan in Honeymoon for One (2011)

Sheridan Gets Wise

Thinking about writing a review for "Honeymoon for One" and I could easily have just found an old review, changed the names and places and it would be done. Yes "Honeymoon for One" is a Hallmark movie which covers very familiar ground, a recently separated woman finding unlikely love with a man who she initially argues with. Technically it means that "Honeymoon for One" is one big cliche but it is also a cliche which works if you are fan of easy to watch romantic comedy/ dramas.

Shortly before she is due to marry Greg (Patrick Baladi), high flying business woman Eve (Nicollette Sheridan - Deadly Visions) discovers that he is cheating on her and so decides to take a break by going on their honeymoon to Ireland alone. But whilst in Ireland, staying at the castle estate which Greg's company has just bought to turn into a golf course, she meets local grounds man Sean (Greg Wise - Johnny English) and his daughter Kathleen (Katie Bannon) and whilst they don't get off to the best of starts they slowly fall for each other as Eve learns why Sean is so opposed to them turning the estate grounds into a golf course.

Greg Wise as Sean Hughes in Honeymoon for One (2011)

So if you split "Honeymoon for One" up into all it's little components you will see that it is just a collection of cliches from cheating boyfriends to handsome widowed fathers. Even the whole idea of a woman going on her honeymoon alone isn't new and has been used in a variety of movies. So that does mean that "Honeymoon for One" is one very predictable romantic movie which you can guess will end in a happy every after ending before it even starts.

As such if you are not a fan of obvious, corny and innocent romantic comedies/ dramas then you are likely to mock much of what goes on in "Honeymoon for One" because none of it is original. From the humour of quirky Irish locals to a horse running off it is all typical and seriously choreographed. But at the same time if you love these sorts of movies which feed off of being charming well it works and "Honeymoon for One" is full of charm.

Now whilst all the characters in "Honeymoon for One" are stereotypes from driven career women to charming children it sort of works. Nicollette Sheridan is nice enough as Eve and watching her go from being uptight when she arrives in Ireland to being relaxed and radiant is nice. And Greg Wise as Sean delivers that rustic charm perfectly, handsome, a bit rugged and most importantly a nice guy. The chemistry between Wise and Sheridan may not be much but they are fun together.

What this all boils down to is that "Honeymoon for One" is a text book Hallmark movie which takes an often used storyline and other than changes some names and places doesn't do anything new with it. But as such if you are fan of obvious, easy going romantic comedies the chances are this pleasant little movie will charm you.