Hometown Hero (2016) Brooke Nevin, Jake Sandvig, Heather Marie Marsden, Megyn Price, Antonio Sabato Jr. Movie Review

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Brooke Nevin in Hometown Hero (2016)

Some Puppy Love

Working as a divorce mediator with a goal of becoming a partner has made Kelsey Drummond (Brooke Nevin - Journey Back to Christmas) pretty cynical when it comes to love and romance. But it is because of her desire to make partner that she finds herself looking after a client's dog, Daisy, as it is one of the things that the couple are arguing over. When the young dog gorges itself Kelsey takes her to an emergency vet where she meets Dr. Harrison Curry (Jake Sandvig - An Evergreen Christmas), a charming vet who runs a programme to match up unwanted animals with lonely people. It leads to Kelsey spending time with Harrison who manages to change her cynical opinion when it comes to love. Also dealing with matters of the heart is Kelsey's mum, Rhonda (Megyn Price - A Country Christmas Story), whilst a colleague has to prioritise between work and home as he learns he is going to be a father.

I've said this before but when it comes to the romantic movies which get aired on Pixl they always end up being more than just a one story movie. As such "Hometown Hero" on paper sounds like one of those obvious mde for TV romantic dramas where the cynical divorce mentor finds love when a dog brings her in to contact with a nice guy vet. And yes there is definitely that side to "Hometown Hero" as we watch Kelsey and Harrison end up becoming close as he spends time with her, guiding her through caring for a dog having never owned a dog before.

Jake Sandvig in Hometown Hero (2016)

But like with other Pixl movies there are other story layers to "Hometown Hero" such as Kelsey's mum's attempt at dating, and the work colleague trying to balance working for a demanding boss with being a loving husband to his pregnant wife. Plus we also have the programme which Harrison runs but is struggling to fund it which means he may have to close his vets practise. It is these subplots and layers which stop "Hometown Hero" from being just another predictable made for TV romantic drama, although to be honest being a feel good family movie means it is still pretty predictable.

What this all boils down to is that "Hometown Hero" is another feel good romantic TV movie with pleasant characters and some easy to follow drama but it is one which benefits from having subplots to stop it from being completely predictable.