Holiday in Your Heart (1997) LeAnn Rimes, Bernadette Peters, Rebecca Schull, Vernon Grote Movie Review

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LeAnn Rimes in Holiday in Your Heart (1997)

Holiday With LeAnn

As a young child LeAnn Rimes wanted to achieve one thing and that was to sing at the Grand Ole Opry. Years of sacrifice, touring the country on a beat up old bus and playing one venue after another finally pays off when she gets to live her dream and perform on the big stage. But she is faced with a tough decision as her grandmother is sick and LeAnn feels that she should be by her bedside which is when she meets former country star Faith Shawn (Bernadette Peters) who tells her a personal story involving a man who saved her life.

I am the sort of music lover who hears a song and will enjoy it but have no desire to hear that song again, buy the CD or download the track. As such whilst I have heard some of LeAnn Rimes songs I would not be able to name one if asked even though I do enjoy the sound of her voice. I hope that means you won't be surprised when I say I have no idea about LeAnn Rimes life and hadn't realised she had written a book about her formative years, well not until I sat down to watch "Holiday in Your Heart".

Bernadette Peters in Holiday in Your Heart (1997)

Now ironically for someone who doesn't care a great deal for music one of the best things about "Holiday in Your Heart" is the music. I am sure fans of Rimes absolutely love this but for me the best is the "Crazy" duet which Rimes and Bernadette Peters sing, which is seriously crazy. And then there is the morality of the movie because this is good old fashioned innocent entertainment with a message about what is really important in life. And there is nothing wrong with that at all as for a "Holiday" movie the uplifting nature of the story is perfect.

But here is the thing about "Holiday in Your Heart" as whilst it has lots of plus points it is shall we say a little too sweet and that makes it frequently appear as being forced. Unfortunately the forced nature of the movie causes it to come crashing down and that is a shame as this has the potential to be more than just good. In fact one thing which impresses is LeAnn Rimes' confidence in front of the camera as an actress but unfortunately there is the corny side of the movie which lets it down.

What this all boils down to is that "Holiday in Your Heart" is really a movie for those who are big fans of LeAnn Rimes as it doesn't quite work as purely a Christmas movie. But it does feature one of the best duets I have ever seen and heard which makes it memorable.

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