Holiday Engagement (2011) Movie Review

Holiday Engagement (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bonnie Somerville and Jordan Bridges in Holiday Engagement (2011)

A Fake Fiance for Thanksgiving

After years of listening to her mum go on about meeting a man and settling down, Hillary Burns (Bonnie Somerville - Love You Like Christmas) believes this Thanksgiving is going to be different as she has been dating Jason (Chris McKenna), a lawyer. But when Jason dumps her just a week before Thanksgiving Hillary takes her friend's advice and advertises for a fake fiance. Despite the daftness of it all she ends up hiring David (Jordan Bridges - Christmas at Holly Lodge), an out of work actor, to pretend to be Jason for the Thanksgiving holiday get together with her parents and her well to do sister Trish (Haylie Duff - Christmas Belle).

"Holiday Engagement" is one of those movies which you have seen before yet you have yet to watch it. What I mean by that is it features such a familiar storyline that once the set up of Hillary taking home David to masquerade as her fiance you know the outcome, she ends up falling for him and vice versa. But off course before the romance can happen we also have to have the nervous comedy of trying to keep up appearances of being a couple in front of her parents.

What this means is that whilst "Holiday Engagement" might entertain those seeking some innocent movie entertainment on a weekday afternoon for others it might end up background noise due to the familiarity of it all. And unfortunately for me there was not enough energy, comedy or freshness to it to do a good enough job of grabbing and keeping my attention despite the fact there is nothing really wrong with it.

What this all boils down to is that "Holiday Engagement" is an okay holiday movie which might entertain those who enjoy light hearted comedies which don't provide any challenge to watch. But everything about it is familiar and unfortunately it doesn't bring anything new to the mix to make this a memorable fake fiance movie.